A Message from Abayich Girma Waaxumo Founder of HMN

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A Message from Abayich Girma Waaxumo, MBA

Abayich Girma Waaxumo is an IT Consultant/Application Architect and the founder of Hadiya Media Network (HMN), hadiyajourney.com, hadiyamedianetwork.com, Hadiyyi Googo Group (FB Group) and Hadiya Journey (FB page). He also built and maintains hadiyyooma.com.


Dear good-hearted Hadiya/Ethiopians,

Have you been asking yourselves these questions?

How can the Hadiy people gain self-confidence/pride; have maturity in their own history, culture, language, the ancestral way of life. How can they learn the meaning of justice, democracy, self-rule, & human rights?

You want to make a difference in their life. You want to help the Hadiya people exit their enduring harsh life. But you don’t know how. You want to save Hadiya culture, language, and identity from dying. However, you don’t know how.

You wanted to contribute to the community from which you came, beyond being the ‘social media warrior’. But you are unsure how you can achieve that.

Here is the answer: We already have educated, mature, and talented individuals who are willing to do what it takes to work as community organizers, educators, and leaders who will get you started. You will find them inside Ethiopia. You will find them in the diaspora. And they are willing to work with you!

I plan to bring star individuals to your attention when I see an opportunity for other Hadiya to work with such people to create maximum impact. This will not mean that I will be able to recognize and cover all important Hadiya contributors in the diaspora and within Ethiopia, I have many in my mind . It only meant that I recognize individuals with whom Hadiya can currently work with for better result.

We have the first of such son of Hadiya/Ethiopia from inside Ethiopia. Let me introducing to you Abayich Anthropologist Melese Abraham. He has now pledged to give his God-given talent, skills, and his Anthropology education; the discipline Hadiya needs badly; for the benefit of the people of Hadiya/Ethiopia on a full time basis. To work at the ground level in the midst of the Hadiya people. He wants to go where no social media worrier would dare to go until now.

He will collaborate with Hadiya Media Network in many ways. He will go to woredas, kebeles, towns, gatherings, the youth spots, and the spots where elders gather. With the burning Hadiya/Ethiopia love in his heart, he wants to reach out and touch the people, teach them, and learn from them – at their level. He will bring more young leaders into volunteerism and the movement for the betterment of Hadiya/Ethiopian people.

The only thing that is holding him back now is the fact that he has to leave his current work which supports his young family. He only wants to see if his fellow Hadiya/Ethiopians could fund, at least partially, the cost of transportation and travel. He is willing to find the rest from his family and support network.

We should not let this man’s volunteerism, talent, potential, education, and passion go to waste.

I understand that the motivated and passionate Haidya in the diaspora and those at home have been discussing among themselves (and asking me) how we can organize and bring our economical and other resources together to make a difference such as strengthening our media (HMN), touch the people on the ground, and influence activities in the Hadiya zone and elsewhere.

Well, this is how we would get started! Yes, HMN needs assistance. Launching Anthropologist Melese Abraham who will work closely with HMN will be considered the first part of this assistance. This is how that organizing and funding starts. HMN is an entity that will not survive without the community’s support. I appreciate your desire to fund my efforts. I support your discussions as to how you can help my HMN efforts which is consuming all of my time outside of my regular work, and then some more. I am open to the ways in which we can work together to make my pioneering work a permanent one, have stronger programming/production, and have dedicated resources to it; both domestically and in the diaspora. Let’s now get started with funding Anthropologist Melese Abraham’s efforts using logistics that works in Ethiopia while at the same time you are organizing and discussing way to fund HMN sufficiently (I will make a statement on this soon). Melese is looking into the logistics issues in Ethiopia that can facilitate the financially transparent manner of funding of his activities and would update us with the result of his research. It is time to get started!

Melese would translate this message into Hadiyyisa when he gets a chance. We will be sharing this message on Hadiya Media Network and Hadiya Journey FB public pages. Please discuss this in Imo and Messenger groups that are associated with us – the ones managed by Abayich Melese Abraham.

Thank you!
Abayich Girma Waaxumo

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